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Welcome to The Elevation Spa at The Tamara Coorg; a place where time stands still and the temporal world fades away. Here, you will discover an oasis of tranquillity, where your inner silence is revitalised and your outer gleam is restored.

The Elevation Spa implements a concept of wellness called “antar mauna,” which means inner silence. During your stay, we invite you to embark on a holistic journey with us to discover the tranquillity within you.

At this award-winning spa and wellness centre, an exclusive line of spa products complements the range of treatments and therapies perfectly. All ingredients are grown locally, and our products offer the ultimate in relaxation, revitalization, detoxification, and inner strength.


Virtually visit the award-winning spa and wellness centre at The Tamara Coorg through this gallery!


Aranya Shalee Anubhava

The remarkable power and longevity of wild rice has inspired this exceptional body treatment. This body scrub battles cellulite, stress, and exhaustion. It strengthens bio-energy fields, uplifting the body and soul. A deep muscular massage is performed on the body with Indian rose oil, concluding with a gentle yet intense application of aloe vera rice body moisturizer that leaves you in a balanced and relaxed state.

Panigraha Anubhava

This exquisite experience, conducted with the goodness of pomegranate and wild orange, reawakens the body and spirit, creating a feeling of intense calm. A full body scrub is followed by a gentle massage with pomegranate oil, which stimulates the higher energy centres of the body. This experience gently restores and relaxes the nervous system, leaving behind a glowing skin and a sense of enhanced well-being.

Kalpa Anubhava

This experience begins with a coconut sugar body scrub, followed by a full body massage with cold-pressed coconut & cucumber massage oil. This ritual stimulates the nerves & blood vessels beneath the skin, while calming muscle tension. Designed to stimulate circulation and energy flow, it concludes with a continuous stream of warm herbal oil being poured onto the hair to restore energy and calm of body and mind.

Bahu Rakshanam

A perfect retreat for those tensed muscles, this experience starts with a gentle back massage with herbal oil to relieve stress. This is followed by the application of herbal poultice made of local herbs, and a full body deep tissue massage, resulting in an elevated state of tranquillity.


A unique combination of holistic Ayurveda rituals, this is a traditional Ayurveda massage followed by a continuous stream of lukewarm herbal oil poured evenly between the eyebrows. It provides relief from problems related to circulation, blood-pressure, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Signature Coffee Therapy

Experience the journey of coffee from Blossom to Brew in an enticing and unique spa experience. Every speck of skin will feel new when wrapped in a coffee cocoon as antioxidants work their magic to restore the vitality of the body temple.

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